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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 29, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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and i'm ready for it. >> all right, don't mess with katie. that's all the time we have left this evening. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. greta is next to go on the record and we will see you hopefully back here tomorrow night. >> this is a fox news report. a possible new clue. female dna has been found on one of the bombs that killed three and maimed dozens more. there's lots of suspicion, there's no word on who's dna it is even if it meant a woman helped carry out the attacks. also fbi agents seen leaving the road island home of tamerlan tsarnaev's widow. the agents were there to collect a dna sample from katheryn russell tsarnaev. the sample will be analyzed along with the dna sample recovered from a bomb component.
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congressman beater king joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. how are you? >> your thoughts tonight? we are all suspicious with the female dna on a bomb component. your thoughts about it? >> obviously we start off with the possibility it has nothing to do with the case at all, it could have been a salesperson or some other person who happened to touch it along the way. but obviously the fbi is focusing on the widow and the fact that they took dna samples from her parents home and the fact this is a very intelligent woman. this isn't just someone who was along for the ride who was totally, you know, had nothing to say. she was a very intelligent woman, she was a college student. she came from a very well-to-do family. obviously when she converted she knew what she was doing because it caused a consternation within her family. she has a mind of her own. it's hard for -- certainly from the outside to imagine how she
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could have been supporting her husband, living in a small apartment with him and their child and not have some knowledge of what he was doing, especially if it turns out he was putting together any of these explosive devices in their apartment. anything can happen. there's no evidence yet that she is the one, but obviously she would have to be someone who is looked at very carefully and you would think that's why the fbi was taking dna samples from year parents' home. >> they have to do a very exhaust i have study and do a dna comparison. however, as you know, it would be dozens of way a woman's dna could get on that, even on the scene if the bomb coment exploded and hit some woman on the scene or have the widow's dna on it if it was at home and she innocently touched it. there are a million ways but everyone tonight is enormously suspicious if it is the widow's dna or not. let me ask you about the watch
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list. what is the story with this watch list? a watch list, as one of my bloggers wrote, isn't the whole point of a watch list so we watch? you don't just put a name on the list, you are supposed to watch it. when they leave the country you know where they go and they come back you know where they are. what is going on with not watching a watch list? >> there are so many names on the watch list and it's not being watched apparently as close as it should be. in this case when the older brother did come back from russia, the department of homeland security, through its customs and border protection agency, was aware of it and they claim they notified the joint terrorism task force in boston. so it should have been followed up then. i go back prior to that, greta. i just think that more should have been done with the investigation when the name was given to us by the russians.
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there should have -- they should have consulted the boston police more, they should have gone to the imam, gone to the mosque. they did none of those things. i know people who feel the fbi did all they could on the investigation. i just feel that more should have been done. it should have been kept open. and then as you say, being on the watch list and then coming back also we know that other federal agencies were involved. this is definitely one that went through the cracks. we have to make sure it never happens again. >> well, i'm going to hold my fire a little bit on the fbi because i don't know how often russians call and say check on this person. if they do it every half-hour, then i can understand how it slips through the cracks if they do it often. if this had been unusual that they called and said check on this one, and they don't usually do it, i would be highly suspicious and want to follow-through why in the world are they suddenly calling now about this particular person? so i actually -- i need a little more background. >> it is not -- i can't give you -- i know the number that i
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was given. i can't say -- it is not that frequent. believe me. >> then they should have followed it up. if it's a rare occurrence, then they should have been suspicious. even if the russians don't say this is why, it would be enough, there would still be a tipoff why are the russians so interested in this person. know they have their own internal problems but it would be enough for me to have my suspicion piqued. >> i wouldn't say it's rare, but it's certainly not unusual. put it that way. it's done, it's done in a very manageable way. not a lot of. >> do you have any information to suggest it's more than the two brothers and any more than the two brothers involved in the bombing? >> the investigators i believe are operating under the premise there may well be more than two. we have two students being held and others. i'm aware of at least four or five people that are being looked at. again, -- >> domestically? >> yes. that's what i'm hearing.
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>> that people here in the united states? >> yeah, people to look at. these were associates who may turn out there is no involvement at all. the fact; greta, it has to be somebody. i really don't know anybody in the investigative field who believes that these two could have done this alone. you know, the laws of probability of just against it. it's virtually impossible to believe that they could have assembled these weapons, these explosive device, got all the materials, put them together and also got the guns needed, carried it out without any help from the outside, either training from overseas, which is one issue, but also right here in the united states. whether or not all the people working with them knew exactly what it was or they just facilitated, did they know they were up to something but not exactly what, and went along with it? we don't know. there's been a lot of close associationations. people they deal with. it seems so improbable that two people could have done this on their own.
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i think we have to assume others are involved. but again it may not turn out to be right now. the thinking among people, the investigors, is more than two, yeah. >> congressman, thank you, sir. >> greta, thank you. >> we now know that both accused bombers received welfare benefits from the state of massachusetts. what about welfare recipients? any other welfare recipients on the terror watch list? tonight they are demanding answers from the administration. should we be doing that in every state? former congressman wes joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. how are you? >> i'm doing well. >> the receiving the benefits, tamerlan and the mother, i don't know if she was receiving benefits but she was on the watch list. how much do we watch the list to see if you are double dipping, getting welfare benefits and on a terrorist list? >> we should do all types of
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cross-checks. one thing we have to be concerned about is the incredible explosion of the food stamp recipients in america over the last five years. you look at that expansion, you have to start asking yourself are these people that are legitimately on these programs? if you talk to the agriculture committee over in the house, frank lucas from oklahoma, he will tell you 75 to 80% of the farm bill they have now is nothing more than supplement nutrition assistance program, the snap program, food stamps. one of the things we have to look at is do we have people illegally, are people here on a terrorist watch list that are not receiving -- that are receiving these benefits that they shouldn't receive? also greta, let's be honest. there's a little bit of ideological aspect to this. there's a muslim clerical in the uk, and he basically said that they should come to these person countries as he is doing in the uk and receiving social welfare benefits to the tune of $39,000
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himself because that's a jihad seeker's allowance. they call it a tax and believe nonmuslims are entitled to take them this tax. we have to be careful and understand the ideologicalr aspect of it and the impact it has on our budget and debt. >> tamerlan was out of the country for about six months and under massachusetts state law you are ineligible to receive benefits if you are out-of-state more than two months. you can go out of two months if it's education and medical and other reasons. he's gone six months. i don't know if he's getting benefits those six months, that's one issue. the other issue, we are trying to dig into it and get the facts, is whether or not we are paying terrorists so they can be home, instead of working, they can be home putting together the pressure cooker bombs that kill people and name them and do all
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these horrible things. you know, what in the world is wrong with our computer systems when we can't sort of cross list our welfare recipients with our watch lists? >> well, it's amazing enough that governor deval patrick was one of the first people to say we don't need to rush to judgment. now we know that tamerlan was on welfare benefits, he's saying he's not going to provide any information because he has to protect his privacy. i don't think the privacy of a dead terrorists is an issue anymore. we immediate to know how did he get the benefits, who was checking up on him? how was he able to go away for six months, and as you just stated, as he still continually receiving the benefits? which means someone in the state of massachusetts has dropped the ball. one of the key things we should be doing and the agriculture committee in the house should launch an investigation, making sure we are scrubbing the terrorist watch list against social welfare food stamp benefits. >> i can be in the united emritz
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and draw out $100 and they can figure out to take it out of my bank statement in the united states. for the life of me i can't figure out how we can't take a watch list and cross-reference it with welfare recipients and we don't learn about it until there's been something catastrophic. i have 30 seconds left, congressman. i'll give you the last word. >> i think it has to do once again with in fishcy and it has to do with let sense and somewhere we are dropping the ball as far as track the crist watch list and tracking people who are transiting feel, coming in and out of the united states. once again i talked about bledso, who shot two officers at a little rock recruiting station. he went outs of the country and re-entered the country and any red flags went up whatsoever. we have a problem. >> we do. thankthank you, sir.
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>> should you be eligible for welfare benefits if you are also on a terrorist watch list? go to and tell us. >> now to the mystery man. one everyone has been searching for. he's known as misha, and they accuse him of radicalizing tamerlan. we tracked down misha in rhode island. you got the interview everyone wanted. what did you learn about misha? >> i learned i think a couple of things. one thing i learned is that he certainly, as he stands now, does not fit the usual profile of a radical muslim fanatic. when i met him he was very, very surprised to see me there, first of all. he and his elderly parents welcomed me into their home.
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one of the other persons there was his american girlfriend who was wearing shorts and shook my hand, as did in fact the gentleman himself. i'm sure you know, as well, greta, i've covered wars in iraq and afghanistan, and i'm sure you have had similar experience, i have met jihadists of various kinds and this didn't conform to what i would expect from a radical muslim. >> and a lot of them wouldn't shake hands with women. that's a tipoff if he let you shake his girlfriend's hands. that shows you he's not extreme. what did he say about how he met tamerlan? >> this was some of the really tricky terrain that he didn't want to talk about. i don't want to whitewash the situation. i surprised him and his family. they did tell me about a lot of things, but whenever i tried to get the conversation on sensitive topics like that, they didn't want to talk. what he told me very
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specifically was that he did know tamerlan. this guy is a convert to islam. he said -- >> that tamerlan is? >> the guy was talks -- misha is a convert to islam. he said he had nod lived in boston for the past three years. he had moved away from boston and was now living with his parents. but he did tell me that he had contact with tamerlan. he didn't deny that. but he said i was not his teacher. if i had been his teacher i would have made sure that he didn't do anything like this. that he wouldn't -- that he shouldn't have done anything wrong. >> was he surprised to read that tamerlan was -- did this? >> yes, absolutely, and the rest of the family said they were, as well. >> they didn't seem as radical extremists? >> they didn't go into that in detail but they were very shocked about the whole thing and they were very shocked tb find themselves implicated in some way in the whole story. >> what about tamerlan's mother?
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did they say they knew her? >> misha told me that he did not know the uncle and the brother-in-law, who are the people who have gone on record describing him as this manipulative figure who radicalized tamerlan. he didn't say anything specific about the mother burke it was quite clear that he had been at home, that he had had very close relations with the family, the immediate family. again, not the uncle and brother-in-law. he said i don't know the uncle, i don't know the brother-in-law and i don't know why they are saying these things about me. i'm very bewildered about it all. >> was he cooperating with the police or the fbi? >> one of the first things he said when they invited me into the home this, is one of the interesting things, they understood immediately why i was there. i identified myself as a journalist. before i could even start asking questions, misha said oh, i knew this was going to happen. fbi told me at some point a journalist was going to come. and i had been doing my best to cooperate with them in every way i could.
10:16 pm
they took my computer, they took my cell phone, they took my documents and they said they will bring them back to me soon because they haven't found anything. i've been doing my utmost to collaborate with them. he was very intent on driving that point home. when we got into touchy areas about hu well did you know tamerlan or weather i tried to steer the conversation that direction, everybody said, no, we don't want to talk about that. they were extremely anxious. at some point even frightened that finally somebody had found them. >> when was the last time he had an e-mail conversation or phone call or saw him? >> do not know. do not know. he wouldn't talk about that. he stressed that he had not really had contact with the family in the past three years. >> thank you. you had the interview we all wanted. thank you. >> thank you. >> congratulations. straight ahead, disturbing news. first the young mother vanishes. she disappears while working at a gas station but there's knee sign after robbery.
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the latest from michigan is next. and the killer of an 8-year-old girl is on the lose. the child stabbed to death in her own home a live report from california come up. and plus the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell trying to tweet clint eastwood. why did he tweet this picture from a kentucky bar? stay tuned to find out. y human"] humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why at liberty mutual insurance, to policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what ee comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? ♪
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>> disturbing news out of michigan. a gas station clerk disappears while working the night shift. police are desperately searching for clues. they suspect the young mother could have been kidnapped. wood radio reporter john smith is in michigan with the very latest. john, what can you tell me about the disappearance? when was she last seen? >> it was about the time they close up the gas station where she worked in northern shores about 11:00 friday. >> are there think surveillance cameras there? anything that could have caught her on tape? >> the nearest one is about a mile away at a bar up the road from this gas station. north ton shores is on the lake michigan shore. there is video that shows passage of a gray van, could be a chrysler. there's not an absolute that it is that van because part of her
10:22 pm
disappearance but it's about the only shred they have to try to work on to figure out what happened to this woman. she was trying to close up the shop. somebody came in, maybe 15, 20 minutes later and found it empty except for a vehicle in the parking lot. >> according to the last transaction on the register was 10:50:00 p.m. presumably she did that last transaction and then she was discovered empty, no one was there until 11:15 so that seems to be the window. was there any evidence of a robbery? >> from what i'm understanding you have her purse, the cash drawer, all those things still unseen. the norton shores chief police said everything points to an abduction. they didn't come out right away and say that because it was an adult missing, meaning they made their first report on the crime they believed they had saturday afternoon. it took them until sunday to say it was an abduction and there wasn't any apparent robbery, any struggle inside the store.
10:23 pm
>> she's a mother of a child. where is the father? i mean naturally you always look at people who might have connections to her. is there any reason to question the father of the child? >> the father isn't missing. the father is a fiancee and everybody is being ruled out as potential suspects that are close to her. they believe if she was abducted, the person who took her new her. she was reportedly an outgoing clerk who worked there on the night shift. people said she was a real giving type person who might get out and try to help someone who was struggling and it might have set her up for a situation to be taken from the store. >> john, thank you. >> happy to talk to you. >> for more on this investigation, norton shores police chief daniel joins us. good evening, chief. can you give us any more information about surveillance video or still camera shots? >> as the previous guest just indicated, we had one video clip that showed a gray chrysler van,
10:24 pm
possibly a town and country style van, moving northbound from the scene about a half-mile away about the time of the abduction. >> did the camera capture the license tag on it so you can run the tag on that? >> unfortunately, no, it did not. basically it's a glimpse of the vehicle as it passes toward the top part of the terrain. >> am i correct that you can even be certain that that vehicle is involved in the disappears? i mean, are you reasonably certain that this vehicle did? >> we have no idea for sure the vehicle was involved in the actual abduction. it's the only piece of evidence or information we have, is that a gray van was seen at about the time of her abduction. >> all right. when you have kidnappings a couple things usually happens, you usually have a ransom call. i doubt that you have had that, or somebody else. if it's a person who knew her is likewise missing, the one who did the kidnapping. is anyone in her life miss?
10:25 pm
>> notice that we know of, no. >> is this a high crime neighborhood? is there any reason to suspect this is sort of a core tore for crime? >> no, it is not. this is a very calm neighborhood, very low crime rate. >> is there any case that she was harmed inside the gas station? >> there was no evidence of a struggle inside the station at all. >> isn't that peculiar there are no cameras at the gas station? i thought every gas station in this country now had cameras? >> pretty much. but there are several other businesses that do not as well. >> and there is no adjacent business that -- where in boston we had the lord & taylor camera who caught the bombers next day. are there any adjacent business was cameras? >> none that would catch the area where the vehicle would have left the parking lot or entered the roadway. >> a very disturbing story.
10:26 pm
she's vanished into thin air. chief, thank you, sir, and good luck. i hope this has a good news ending. thank you, sir. >> thanks for having me. >> now to a manhunt that has a small northern california down both in grief and gripped with fear. an 8-year-old girl stabbed to death in her own home and tonight police are searching for her killer. fox news reporter is live in valley springs, california with the latest. is there a person of interest? i'm going to ask you to tell me what you know about the incident. but are the police on to anyone tonight? >> good evening, greta. yeah, that's really what this comes down to right now. the person of interest. who is that person? it first happened on saturday. there was a pretty good description and a description that was corroborated by a few people out here who saw this man taking off into the brush. as the days and hours have progressed, that description has become more and more vague.
10:27 pm
a most recent comment from police is they don't have a suspect right now. they don't want to reinforce that description because some of the inconsistencies they are hearing from different people involved make them a little concerned it's just not valid. >> but is it -- i want to now take you back to the facts we know. the 8-year-old child is at home and she was being watched by her brother; is that correct? >> right. 8-year-old girl, at home being watched by her 12-year-old brother while the parents are at a little league game. we understand they were heavily involved in little league here in town. >> what happened if he's watching the girl. what happened? >> his description to police is this. he was in another room, came out just in time to see a man fleeing the house. he went to look at his 8-year-old sister, went to look at lala and realized she'd been hurt. he called his parents by cell he called his parents by cell phone at that little the capital one cash rewards card
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writer: but the focus groups thought that the... gecko: focus groups. geico doesn't use focus groups. uhh...excuse me. no one told me we were using focus groups. vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> get. this an official blames the united states and its foreign policy for the boston marathon bombing. there's more. united nations is not doing anything about this guy. he's still on the payroll. here's another thing. guess who pays a big chunk of his salary? you guess it had, you do. former ambassador john bolton joins us. and you are giggling about this. because it's so outrageous? >> because it's par for the course. what he said about the boston marathon bombing is unacceptable, for a u.s. citizen to say it, let alone a u.s. citizen working for the united nations. and his comments reflect the
10:35 pm
prevailing world view anything them at the human rights council. i'm all in favor of firing him sooner rather than later. but here's the sad news, he will be replaced with somebody else and it won't make a bit of difference. it will be exactly the same. >> almost immediately when he made his comments, ambassador susan rice, she said it was time for him to go. she said it's time to get rid of them. is there anything you can do? >> culture at the united nations is such that merely firing one guy will not change anything. this is not a mistake, richard falk. he's not a mistake or aberration. and all of a sudden everything will get right. the view of the un of kids and people trick-or-treat fourth unicef, that's not coming back. the thing for the united states to do is resign from the human
10:36 pm
rights council. it's a clown convention anyway. stop funding it. his salary, we pay 22%. that's our assessed contribution for the u.n. regular budget. 22%. we should defund all the activities of the human rights council and then maybe they will pay attention. >> can we do that, can we say no more dough for this? >> i think we can. we are required to pay set contributions or some contributions to the u.n. but you are not required to adhere to any international treaty that's been violated and, lord knows, the u.n. charter has been violated more times than we can count. congress has the ability to suspend payments and historically when we do that, they finally pay attention to us. >> his term is, his six-year term and he started 2008 so he's going to be around for a while? unless somehow the financial pressure and somehow someone -- i assume someone could get rid of him, right? >> it's a gravy train. sometimes people like him show
10:37 pm
up as par of the u.s. delegation. >> well, he predated the obama administration. >> right. this is not his first job as a u.n. -- >> that's his actual title. rapatouir. i want that job. >> and they move from one job to another. delegation, u.n. employee. >> who gave it to him? >> well, the u.n. human rights council or the high commissioner for refugees -- i'm sorry, high commissioner for human rights. that's how these jobs are handed out. it's like a patronage game. it's the same people with different titles over and over again. >> even think of it like he's the repatoir for palestinian issues and he's the criticizer for boston and he's the one that puts the gasoline on the fire over the debate in boston. >> right. this is part of the problem with the whole u.n. human rights
10:38 pm
mechanism. fundamentally it's directed against israel. they pass more resolutions on israeli human rights violations dealing with palestinians than human rights violation necessary all of the rest of the world combined. in the bad old days they also attacked the united states, but in 2006 when everyone agreed the mechanism had to be reformed, we voted against creating this new council. it's one of the happiest days of my entire tenure in new york to vote against this thing because i said it will make no difference. the new human rights council will be like the old human rights commission, and it is. >> and ambassador rice wants him to go two. >> she got that one right. >> thank you, ambassador. >> thank you. >> and in state discounts at public universities. which state is allowing it now and what does it mean for you, the taxpayer? that's next. and a red carpet moment like you have never seen before. you have to see what a air force
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>> cans high school administrators taking high. they refuse to allow an air force member to escort his little sister to her prom. he was home from afghanistan for the weekend, the same weekend as her prom. according to school rules the 24-year-old airman was too old to attend the dance. he asked if he could at least res court her down the red carpet and the principal said no. so on prom night he walked her to the edge of the prom night, saluting her as she entered the school. afterwards she wrote a scathingler to the newspaper saying not only is he my here oh, he is a hero. and the principal's response, the airman simply did not meet the age requirement. what do you think? was the school stupid or is a rule a rule? go to and tell us.
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to get $800 off the gator rsx850i. >> what do you think about this one? you could be in this country illegally, and in some case still qualify for in-state tuition at the state's public university. today colorado becoming the 14th state to allow illegal immigrants living in colorado to get the lower tuition rates subsidized by the state's taxpayers. dana is the host of the dana show. she joins us. dana, your position on this issue? >> greta, thanks for having me back. i think it's really unfortunate and unfair to all of the american citizens who are attending these colleges, especially these out-of-state citizens who are going into universities and state university in colorado because they are really going to be shouldering a huge part of the burden on this, as well as the state tax payer because that's why you get such a break on in-state tuition. a lot of people are going to be
10:45 pm
shouldering the extra burden on this. and really it's kind of stunning to me that colorado is now the 12th state that's really flouting federal law. according to the i am brags did and responsibility act, it was signed in 1996, federal law prohibits this thing from being done. but greta, i'm sure you realize and know and have talk about on your show, the doj is situational about what laws it wants to enforce and which ones it does not. >> to me it raises a number of issues. first of all, i would like to know when the university admits people who are known to violating the law. that's the first issue. second, in state tuition usually means you or your family has been paying state income taxes and that's a privilege of being in the state. can people be illegally in the state but come from families that somehow have been paying tax necessary some way so that but for the illegals, they too have been paying took of --
10:46 pm
taxes and contributing to the fund? >> it's poses the question if they have been in the state that long and paying taxes, at what point do you say we've been here, paying taxes, why don't we go through the process of becoming legal citizens of the united states. that seems the obvious rather than let's ignore this and we will get the same in state tuition rate as everyone else. they are still violating the law and it's still technically rewarding law breaking. >> i imagine some people, in state tuition still is a hefty price tag. every year you hear legislators bump it up a little bit. you bump it up because you have more people you are trying to educate and less of a tax base. some people might object to that. but i guess i'm sort of cure construction if people in colorado want to do this, do you have any problem with them doing it? >> states can decide what they want to do. they obviously elect state
10:47 pm
legislators. colorado has had the two election cycle after 46 years of a republican controlled legislator now they have democrat majority and a democrat governor. that's all down to the book "the blueprint" that governors want to do in colorado. but at the same time they have to abide what federal law states and the '96 law says you cannot offer state colleges and universities can't offer these sort of discriminatory in-state tuition rates to some individuals because they are legal immigrants and not offer the same rates to everyone else. and to me that makes perfect sense. i support that because that's truly fair and equal. but breaking federal law, that's something that's a little harder to support. >> dana, as always, thank you. >> thanks, greta. >> straight ahead, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell pulls a clint eastwood. why the empty chair this time? that answer coming up next. look what mommy is having.
10:48 pm
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>> everyone, it's time to hash it out. senator mitch mcconnell striking back at president obama but it's in fun. it started when the president poked fun at the senate minority leader saturday night at the white house correspondence leader. >> some folks think i don't spend enough time with members of congress. why don't you get a drink with mitch mcconnell, they ask? really? why don't you get a drink with mitchç mcconnell. [laughter] >> well, the senator now wants to have that drink. the senator tweeting out barack obama, clint eastwood, greetings from coal country, hazard, kentucky. notice the empty chair.
10:53 pm
>> and reporter kelly nash tweeting most famous self. e ever. that happened. thankfully the stray ball just missed her head. one in and she would have been a goner. she went there, during tonight's debate, elizabeth bush jamming him over his affair. but saying mark sanford didn't hear elizabeth's jab. take a look. >> when we talk about fiscal spending and we talk about protecting the taxpayers, it doesn't mean you take that money we save and leave the country for a personal purpose. >> everybody -- you see she went
10:54 pm
there, governor. >> i couldn't hear what she said. [laughter] >> repeat it. i didn't hear. i'm sorry. >> answer the question. >> what was the question? >> really? did governor sanford really not hear that dig? or is he suffering from selective hearing? you decide. quarterback tim tebow may be out of the job but the job offers are starting to come in. the new york post reporting tim tebow offered a coaching job in the lingerie football league. it's a little different than the nfl but luckily for him at least here he could probably do a lot more scoring. that line was not my idea. the staff outvoted me. they made me say that. and follow me on twitter at greta wire. coming up, the video everyone, and we do mean everyone is going to be talking about tomorrow.
10:55 pm
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i don't think so. new great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. new great grains protein blend. >> greta: what a close call in a kansas city zoo. a camel gets too close for comfort with a little girl. watch this. >> ew. ew. >> oh! oh! >> i don't have anymore, buddy. i don't have it. >> oh! >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my gosh. >> camel on the run


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